Believe You Can Do The IMPOSSIBLE!

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Do you believe that you can do the impossible? Or have you covered up your dream and walked away from what you were destined to do? If you have a dream you have to GO AFTER IT! Watch this full message – I believe God wants to reactivate and rekindle what He created for you to do!

What is YOUR dream? What has God called you to do? Let me know in the comments below! 




12 thoughts on “Believe You Can Do The IMPOSSIBLE!”

  1. Hi DeVon,

    I have a testimony. I am in transition (have not found a place to call home) lost a contract job. I have been trying to get my real estate license since 2014. I was living in LA, when I plan to take the test something would always come up. No money, etc. I moved to Orange county no money, no where to go. Working so I can keep a hotel over me and my son’s head. Then I lose the job. I took 32 hours in real estate crash courses, no sleep at all. Monday March 20th, exam day. I take my exam. I prayed to God to pass. I taking the license exam, it messing with me psychologically​. I’m changing answers and something said stop, walk away right now. I walked out got my stuff, they told me to not open the piece of paper until I get outside. The paperwork was folded. I knew I failed, I knew the enemy got in the way. When I got outside​ and opened my results, It said Congratulations! You have passed! I fell to my knees thanking God for my answered prayer. I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop crying. I couldn’t believe it. Most do not pass on the first try, but I did!

  2. Thank you so much for this on time message!!! God used you to tell me to stay strong and that I am on the right path!! I am literally in the middle of putting together a kickstarter for My Book because all the other funding I was banking on fell through and I am believing God that if I am correct in thinking he has chosen me to do this that my kickstarter will be successful in 7 days! I claim it done in Jesus Name and I thank God in advance for the lives it will touch!!! Please believe with me in faith that it is Done and all is well and successful!

  3. Hello my name is Angela McMillan and I would like to share with you a dream that I’ve been fighting with for over 20 years I do believe that God is going to make it happen for me to do what he need me to do and I really truly believe this is my purpose for this generation. As a passionate and responsible caretaker of my mother for over 15 years. I fully understand the creative adversity it take to overcome the hardship of caring for a parent or loved one. I am believing God that I will have a community-based residential facility I take great pride in providing the utmost caring, reliable and courteous service to my client. My professional experience include 20 plus years in Healthcare, Associate degree of science from Ultimate Medical Academy and successfully completion of requirement for certified Medical Administrative Assistant with the National Healthcare Association. I believe I can do it.

  4. Hi DeVon.

    Thabks for the blessed message, iron was a word I needed right now.

    I’m praying and trusting God for my own business, it’s been very difficult and discouraging lately with every turn door closed , was starting to believe I couldn’t do it but this morning u just reminded me to trust God, trust the word he deposited to me and what I believe he wants me to do and that is to pursue my passion for events business and change the perspective of business and show that through any business I can still pursue to help people and be obedient to God’s word.
    Thank you for reignite the flame.

  5. My dream and passion is to sing for the Lord and of the Lord to his people. To encourage others in their everyday lives with my trials and tribulations and with my internal joy while using knowledge of God’s word. I have seen both my parents pass away and my brother fall ill to a mental disease, leaving me to care for him, while I am 24. God has given me strength to overcome everyday and I know he will use me as he has shown me.

  6. Thank you so much for all that you do to touch and inspire the world. Your mesaages of victory if allowing ourselves to trust in Jesus is much needed. Thank you not from me but on behalf of all those who needs this word from God.

  7. Marie Douse-Moody

    Hi DeVon,
    I can not believe that I have come across this after the night I and my husband have seriously just had.

    We have been married for 19 years and out union is 100% down to God.
    We have an unbelievable story to tell, and I really do mean UNBELIEVABLE!
    It has taken us many years to reach the point that we got to tonight. I myself have my own YouTube channel @mariedouse and really wanted to tell our story on it.
    Tonight we called a friend around to begin recording of the story and I now feel that my little channel is not really the platform we need to air this. I think out friend (from church) who came over was completely shocked by the story so far which took us over an hour to record, and really, we’ve only just scraped the surface.
    We know that God wants this story out and it’s taken us some 12years to get to this place.
    All this sermon about us having a film resonates soooo deeply with me, I can not tell you. God told me that what he has given to us is major, and in the normal mind, quite unfathomable!!!
    I am going to attempt to give you a synopsis of our story.

    My husband paul is now 49 and I’m 41.
    He was left as a baby with a childminder at 8 months by his father we believe and was as a result placed in care. He was placed with a foster care who became his long term carer. My husband is Caucasian looking, and the foster carer was black Caribbean.
    As you can imagine back then, things were really hard for him growing up in a black household. She had 3 children of her own. At school he was teased! “How could a black mum, have a white son!”
    He knew he did not fit in. His time at school was horrendous!! He rebelled against all authority! He would regularly get beaten at home, and the cane at school was an everyday occurrence. But it was they only way he received attention. At school even at age 8 he couldn’t read and was made to wear the “Dunce” hat.
    As a result of beating and other forms of abuse, by the age of 12 paul had become quite aggressive and developed a real reputation.
    According to social services records he was very scruffy he wasn’t really well looked after.
    He would wake up very early in the morning to clean the house from top to bottom. In so doing he received praise and in turn developed a real obsession for cleaning which still kinds sits with him to be honest, though he’s no where near what he was! Lol
    Paul never knew his natural parents at all. He would look at his skin and be so frustrated about his identity.
    He didn’t feel as though he fitted in anywhere and really struggled with his identity. He began thieving, beating people up for fun, (very badly) as a way dealing with his issues. He felt justified when he took things from people becuohd felt the world owed him!
    His foster mum was a Christian woman and he was forced to attend church on a Sunday. The options were church or beating!
    He regularly regularly got beaten, not just by his mum but by church people. People would sit on him, I mean grown men! And beat him to help control him.
    This went on for years.
    Paul became quite popular at school and people only really wanted to start hanging out with him because they felt that he would take care of anyone who troubled them. This gave him a sense of value, and so he just became out of control!!
    He was thieving, lying, cheating, you name it!!!
    Paul would often play out on the street in his area, and at the age of 12, he met a man that he used to regularly see across the way at the back of his house through the window.
    One day this man approached paul whilst he was playing ball with his friends. He befriended paul. One day he told paul that he was his father, and told him that he was going to take him away back to his country to look after him, and to give him a better life!
    Paul believed every word!!!
    He told him that fathers who love their sons have to do certain things!!! He sexually abused Paul!
    He went home and bathed! He scrubland scrubbed!!!
    That day marked a huge turning point! He became even more hurt/confused!!! His behaviour became unmanageable!
    He could not stand any male near him! Not even his foster siblings. He could not deal with any form of male contact from anyone! Not teachers, nor anyone!
    He still went to church, though he absolutely hated it! He thought, “what God could allow all of this to happen to one person and do nothing!”
    One night he broke into the church and desecrated the alter! He wrote graffiti, tore up the bible and completely trashed the place!
    The church had a members meeting, in which paul owned up. He was told that he was not allowed to go anywhere in the church alone. He was followed and watched in the toilet and literally everywhere he went which obviously after being abused was not good!
    Moving on at the age of 18 paul decided to begin the journey of trying to find his natural parents. He watched happy reunion programmes on the tv and believed it’d be like that!
    He placed an ad in the local paper and reviewed contact from a lady proclaiming to be his grandmother. He couldn’t believe it! She arranged to meet him at home. She came over with s lady who he found out was his Mother’s sister. He arrived home to find them sitting with his foster mum. He explained to the ladies who he was and they said that they believed his mother was their sister/ daughter. The lady told him to come to her house on a set day, and told him that they would arrange for the mother to call at that time so he could speak with her.
    This happened and the mother, who had moved to Belgium, agreed to pay Paul’s fayre for him to go visit. Upon Visiting, she gave him an 18 carot designer necklace, which he really wasn’t interested in. He had questions! During his stay he asked his mother why she left him, his comes her family knew nothing of him, and who his father was?
    She responded, If he was there to ask such questions about his father, or her past, he should get back on the plane and go home! Paul was really angry,and hurt. As a result, he thieved things from her, pointless things!!! He wanted her to feel some of his pain! Herself harmed with broken bottles, knives and git s real thrill seeing and feeling blood oozing out of him, and just walking around with blood all over him for people to see. He also took countless overdoses but always survived!
    As an adult Paul had countless relationships. He searched for someone to value him, but because he was always disappointed, he hurt so many people.
    Paul had a daughter at the age of 21. This marked a slight turning point for him!

    I grew up in Christian home, by the age of 9 my mum and dad split up and so mum raised me alone. My father passed when I was 14 but they had quite bad relationship. I witnessed much physical abuse.
    My mother was a devout Christian lady and I too was made to attend church with her.
    At 18 I had a child! My relationship wasn’t good at all.
    We split up when my daughter was just a year old.
    I had moved out with my daughter and was obviously a single parent. There were nights where I’d cry myself to sleep desperately wanting a husband. I thought I’d be alone forever! But my priority was my daughter, trying to protect her and just do all that could for her!
    At the age of 21 I met Paul.
    I remember going out with s group of girls, and just saying, tonight is the night I’m gonna meet my husband!
    That night I danced with my friends it didn’t actually meet paul until outside at the end of the night. It was in fact a friend of mine who fancied him! I saw her disappear off with this guy, she then came back cursing me and handed me a number on a piece of paper. She asked me if I would call him? I looked over at him. He was a great looking guy, but not really my type! I smiled, and said I didn’t know. We later passed paul on the way home as he stood with his friends in the take away, and I called his name. He was so nervous he dropped his chips! Lol.
    He asked me if I’d call him and I said that I would.
    I called him late the following evening and we began talking over the phone.
    We met up and talked. He seemed to good to be true. Although he was not my type, I found my self getting quickly drawn to him.
    He offered to help me with things around the house, pay for things, attend things with me, spoil me! I was completely taken in. He always looked so put together, smelt divine and was such s charmer. How could I not fall for him!
    On one of our early dates we discussed what we wanted in our future and I saying that although I wasn’t a Christian, I believed I would end up in the church. He too echoed the same desire. For me this was an instant attraction, as up to this point no other guy I had spoken to ever really wanted to talk about church or Christianity. He told me stories of how his mother had told him that one day he would be a preacher, because when he spoke, young people were drawn to him. She herself would often tell me same said thing when we were dating.
    Paul spoke of marriage quite early on. Literally a couple of months into our relationship. Sometimes I felt scared, overwhelmed by it all. My head would say yeah let’s do this, but at times my heart was like, No Marie, what are you thinking! You barely know this guy!
    At night although I wasn’t a christian, I would ask for God’s direction. I so wanted to form a unit, to give my daughter some stability. I felt that I owed it to her.
    Paul’s daughter and my daughter instantly formed a bond and were calling themselves sisters almost immediately.
    So paul would tell my friends that he was going to marry very early on, and they’d quiz me about it. I really didn’t really know what I wanted if I’m honest! I was 21. I mentioned it to my disused fgr was immediately excited! Wanting to go dress shopping etc. So when paul asked me after just 6 months I agreed. I kinda got taken up into a whirl wind. Within 6 months we were moved in together! Paul left his home town and moved in with me. My mother wasn’t overly happy as she wanted us to marry first.
    I began to notice things that concerned me but part of me felt, it was too late! And the other part of me felt that I could fix him!!!
    So in march 1998 we were married. I recall feeling really unsure on my actual wedding day. I woke up next to my sisters, all much older than me as I’m the baby of 7. My eldest sister had flown in from abroad and they were all buzzing about the imminent wedding. Well I woke up feeling sick!!! I told them that I couldn’t do it! My sister looked at me like, What!? I’ve just flown across the world for this!!! Whilst my other sister, My chief said, Marie, if you really don’t wanna do it, it’s not too late. I remember praying to God that morning and saying, God if this really isn’t meant to be move heaven not to let it happen.
    Anyway we did it, we got married!!!!
    I remember waking up next to paul the next morning in the hotel, peering down on our rings and thinking, “Oh my gosh, I’m married!”
    So went away on honey moon to Spain. Whilst away paul would often tiptoe off saying he was going back to the room, to the toilet, off to make a call etc. I sensed something wasn’t quite right.
    At this point in our lives paul had told me a bit about life, all that about being raised in care, the abuse etc. I knew he had issues, but kinda felt that God had given him to me for a reason!
    Anyway, months after our honeymoon things became quite bad! Paul was often very agressive and just really difficult to live with. He worked as a doorman at night which I absolutely hated. He was surrounded by woman and I hated that, although he would swear he wasn’t up to anything. I remember I became obsessed with his phone. I believed something was going on with him. He didn’t want me ask him anything about where he was going, what he was up to. There were literally no details and he at times, point blank refused to communicate. One morning I was downstairs and his phone rang. I answered it and this woman asked me who I was! I told her that I was his wife and asked her who she was? She said she was his girlfriend, and that he had disappeared for months with money of hers and she didn’t know where he was! I felt sick!!!
    I was actually pregnant and could not believe what I was hearing!
    I screamed, shouted, hollered and howled!!! Paul came running down the stairs asking me why I had his phone and who I was talking to. He shouted at the woman not to call again and told me she was lying!!! I was a mess!!!!
    That was the first time!!!
    I don’t know how but we stayed together and I had our daughter in April 1999.
    After her birth things were good for a short time, but then paul would cause a real divide in our home. It was as though the baby was his and obviously my daughter was mine. This went on for a good few years. I had threatened to leave many times. Paul would get so angry and tell me that he’d never let anyone abandon him again! He refused to let me leave!!!l life was so hard. I’d stay at my mothers every now and again, run to my sister in Berkshire every now and again when things got really bad, but tried not to take my daughter out of school.
    I remember on what felt like a good day, paul and I went out to spend the day together, in the next town. We shopped, held hands, talked. I recall us walking into a shop and then Paul disappearing. I began to think, and question, was I there alone, I know I was with Paul. My mind was all over the place. He was no where to be found!
    I woman, much older, then called out to me and asked me if I was with paul. I looked at her and said yes!!!
    She then told me he had run off because he couldn’t bare to hurt me anymore!!i couldn’t understand what she was going on about!!!
    She told me that he had taken money from her, which I later realised was what we had recently gone on a rather extravagant holiday with, and he had told me he won it!
    She told me that Paul wouldn’t sleep with her, though he was her boyfriend and whenever he asked he for something she would give it to him! I felt physically sick!!!! Not sgain!!!
    The week before that day, I had supported him in the search to find his father and even appeared with him on a tv program to appeal to anyone out there who may know him, who might have information. I felt such an idiot!!! How could this man do this to me again!!! I had his daughter too. To me it felt that there was nothing more left to give!!!
    The woman told me that paul loved me, but he told her lie after lie also. Again I was
    a mess!!
    One evening my sister in law, who too was a Christian, invited me to a church service. The set up was that of a live band and was kinda like a club setting. Paul was really anti me going and said I best not come back with all this God stuff!!
    I went anyway, and I remember there was a missionary there from Chile preaching. He gave a sermon about the Holy Spirit and how he was forced to pray over a dead body at an African funeral as these people had sent for him upon the knowledge of hearing his God could bury people to life. He told us how he prayed half afraid of what these people might do to him! As he prayed, eyes closed a man began dancing in front of him, people making lots of noise. He explained he tried to tell people to calm down when the man tells him, he was the dead man!!! Upon hearing this story I’m desperate to get out of there!!!
    The minister then comes down off the stage asking people to come forward if they want to experience the Holy Spirit. I was desperate to leave by this point but my sister in law really wanted to stay.
    The man came down off the stage moving through the rows asking people if they would like to experience the Holy Spirit? I could hear people dropping like flies. He moved closer and closer. Until he reached our row i felt so uncomfortable. He was then stood in front of me. He asked me to raise my hands, and I just remember feeling this overpowering force knock me down to to the ground! I tried destro get up but I felt as though something was prsssing my head down to the floor, I couldn’t get up no matter how hard I tried! I realised this was God. I began desperately begging God for forgiveness and that marked the night I got saved!
    I couldn’t contain myself when I got home. Paul was furious!!!
    I begged him to come the next night but he refused!!
    The following night he asked me if I wanted to go and we decided to go together.
    Paul sat, all cocky in his chair, leant back, crossed arms and legs smirking st the minister refusing to participate. I could not understand why he even bothered coming. I felt so embarrassed!
    At the end of the service paul disappeared. We heard an almighty thud! Everyone looked around to see what it was. Paul had gone to the minister almost to make enquiring fun, the minister laid hands on him and then the fight began. His fellow leaders prayed and my niece encouraged me not to look at what I was seeing but that I should pray!
    When paul eventually came to, his face looked asthough he’d been in a fight. His deliverance was starting. I remembered being told that some demons don’t just go and that Paul’s stuff was so deep rooted he would probably have to undergo a series of deliverance.
    Things improved somewhat but paul continued doing the door work as much as I hated it. His environment wasn’t good!
    Spiritually at home things were crazy! He’d shout in his sleep, cry all sorts. I’d witness things passing me on the stairs dark figures, dark things fly over our bed. Bed would confirm similar things. I really didn’t know what I was dealing with.
    Things got bad again, after all that after about a year. He stopped wanting to go to church, despite us winning so many of our friends over to the kingdom. I was so upset, frustrated with God!!! We’d had by now so much confirmation about paul becoming a minister. We’d heard it from different ministers, conventions etc. I really couldn’t understand. Things got really bad. Physically and emotionally. I was a complete shell of my former self. How could God have told me so much concerning our marriage and this man was like this!
    By now the 3 girls were 3 and 8. I had completely had enough. I decided I had to leave!!!
    My mother at the time, had met someone at age 70 and was getting married, I felt I had no where to turn. She was finally getting on with her life. She was happy and openly told me that it was time for her to get some enjoyment from her life now. I was devastated!!!
    Being the baby, my mum had always been there for me, but her marriage was the start of a new chapter for me.
    In this time I managed to pass my driving test and paul bought me a car. I knew my life was about to change. I began to make a plan to leave.
    Things were really not good!
    One morning when paul left to work, I packed all the girls things from their room all toys my belongings everything into my little car. I managed to get my daughter out of school and before I knew it, we were off and I really didn’t know where!
    I called the local women aid once I was far out of my neighborhood and they sent me to the nearest town refuge for women and children.
    We stayed there 3 months. During my time here I ate, slept, and breathed, the Word. I was sooooo desperate. Mine and my childrens lives depended on it.
    I had to get my children into school there. I pulled them away from everything/ everyone they’d ever know. Man it was hard!!!
    So from beginning Jan 02- Mar 02 we lived in this refuge. It was a nightmare!!! We slept on plastic covered single beds and shared a house with prostitutes and drug addicts!!! Oh my gosh!!! What had I done!!! No one new where we were. We had entered this system and had to remain underground. Life was so hard in there!!!
    By the march, I couldn’t take anymore, waking up in the middle of the night due to addicts setting off smoke all arms having to stand outside in the ice and snow after prizing my babies out of bed and 2 and 3am in the morning to get out of the house, whilst relevant checks were made. It was so hard!!
    So I rang my sister and asked her to come get us. She had been in constant contact supporting me emotionally whilst I was in there, though she knew I was safe she had no idea where I was, until her husband came to get me.
    So I lived with my sister, husband and her children for 3 months. If was really hard for my girls not gdvubg their own space as my sister turned her living room space into our bedroom space to accommodate me and all my stuff. She never complained once but I desperately wanted something for us!!
    My job had been kept open for me all that time and I was transferred to where I was living with a promotion. It was all God!
    The children got into school at the end if my sister’s road.
    Paul began coming to see the children and after much thought and deliberation I decided to make another go of things. The kids had suffered so much!!! Their behaviours were really affected and I thought we could try to make another go at things.
    From the day I had gotten saved, I had this overwhelming bubbling on the inside of me. I knew I had to be with paul and that God was going to work things out for us. I’d heard prophesy from so many different places from complete strangers all saying the same thing!
    So I found a place to rent not too far from sister’s and paul eventually left Derby, the town we had lived in and moved down south to join us.
    It was tough, again, the readjustments. The kids!!!
    I had found a church in Reading The Globe Deliverance Centre, which I had been attended, and had joined the praise and worship team. As a no Christian I had sang in bars and clubs and had even competed in some of the things competitions. There had always been a fame hungry side to me but over the years God had just mellowed that right on out!
    Early on when I had just started attending the church, my sister too started attending at the same time. She became quite strong leader in the church as it turned out she and her husband had known the minister years before and he knew these people were people he could trust, and God had informed him that a group of people were coming to help take the church to the next level.
    I had informed my pastor of my situation where I’d been and about my husband. He was immediately concert and very supportive. We prayed and I told him that I really wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing!
    When paul moved in we started counselling which in the beginning seemed disastrous, it brought to the surface some very raw stuff!

    So actually during the time paul and I were in the process of getting back together, my sister was running a ladies conference and she wanted me to talk about where I’d been and give a general testimony in the stage, told in a relaxed couch interview. I immediately said NO WAY!

    I see our story as a film I really do.

  8. Amazing message my brother! The God-sized Dream in my heart has been awakened! It’s crazy how the enemy can manipulate your mind into believing you have to give up one miracle when he loses at stopping another from happening! My marriage was recently restored with my wife after 5 years of divorce supernaturally! What a process, but well worth it to be back with her and our 8 year old son Alexander! I’ve had to lay a lot of other dreams (i.e former deal with Capitol Music in Nashville) on the altar to move back to Miami and experience the dream of restoration coming to pass. I’ve experienced major discouragement that I’m missing out on a life full of greater purpose because of my decision and at times it’s caused me to lose sight of the miracle I’m actually living. My desire is to maintain a default setting on my heart of gratitude while continuing to believe God for breakthrough and doors being reopened by His spirit and favor in connection with my faith! I needed this message more than you know! Thank you so much for your tenacity and courage to believe God for Ephesians 3:20 blessings and to ignite the same in others! God bless you and your wife! I look forward to connecting with you in the near future!



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