The Grio: Ep1 – Tabitha and Choyce Brown talk confidence vs. code-switching

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What does it take to “master the game”? Growing up as Black children, many of us were told it takes working two (or three) times as hard to achieve half as much—and never to step out on the faith of a dream without a solid Plan B. Sound familiar?

Beloved influencer, bestselling author and “veganista” Tabitha Brown took a slightly different approach to raising her now 20-year-old daughter Choyce, emphatically telling her child “no backup plans.” To celebrate DeVon Franklin’s new Audible release, It Takes a Woman, the mother-daughter influencers sat down with the author and motivational speaker to discuss a range of topics, including how each is mastering the game by prioritizing perseverance and authenticity. READ MORE HERE.


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