Worth “The Wait”

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Some of the world’s greatest success stories are about people who knew that nothing they did could influence events in their favor, so they chose to wait for conditions to shift.

When no action other than preparation will deliver the result you’re striving for, being patient and allowing conditions to change can get the best results.

Even before Meagan and I developed the concept of The Wait, we were practicing its precepts. We were more concerned with being obedient to God than with following some temporary blip of sexual excitement.

Circumstances would force us into proximity with each other, where our raw chemistry and interest in each other’s strength and intelligence would flow. But we kept backing off, listening to God and saying, “Wait. Let’s see how this plays out.” We know how very much God has blessed us, but that wouldn’t have happened without The Wait. Practicing it has improved our lives in more ways than we can count. We’re more patient, we’re free to be ourselves, we have a home within a home, and we’ve made peace with the past.

So, is The Wait worth it? Absolutely!  And you’ll see it reflected in EVERY area of your life.

Here are some areas of your life that you will see SIGNIFICANT CHANGE in once you decide to wait:

1.The Wait And…Finances

Waiting is a powerful principle when it comes to your money—more to the point, to spending less of it and saving more.

If you follow the precepts it’s pretty simple: don’t give in to your hunger for a shiny new toy.

The Wait and money means focusing on long-term versus short-term goals. Decide what’s important and manage your money accordingly.

2. The Wait And…Career

Waiting can be a great career strategy, because believe it or not God honors your sacrifice. And let’s face it, the decision to deny yourself and not have sex is a sacrifice.

The two of us have witnessed firsthand how God has blessed our careers because we chose to honor him in our relationship.

As you practice The Wait, you will likely see a great acceleration and advancement in your purpose and career.

3. The Wait …Reprograms Your Pleasure Software 

Psychologists, anthropologists, and others have studied self-control and delayed gratification for years. They’ve found that the ability to say no to immediate, short-term pleasures in favor of lasting ones down the line is linked to better mental and physical health, greater academic success, and more refined social abilities.

Every day is a contest between pleasures of the flesh and of the spirit. Fleshly pleasures are about immediate satisfaction of our desires through things like food, sex, spending money, feeling superior to other people, and so on. We call these pleasures SEE: Short-Term, External Experiences. You might have noticed that SEE have a lot in common with addictive behaviors.

Spiritual pleasures, on the other hand, evoke our highest qualities, the ones that move us to do the will of God and align with who He wants us to be. Generosity, discipline, fidelity, compassion, self-sacrifice, acting ethically and honestly—these are some of the pleasures that we call LIP: Long-Term, Internal Processes. The process affects us mostly in our minds and spirits and leads to positive change and personal growth.

The greatest benefit of The Wait is that it reprograms us to find greater pleasure in choices that help us live according to the Spirit—that is, aligning our spirit with God’s.

4. The Wait … Puts You Back in Control

Every time you give yourself to someone, you give them your power.

Meagan explains that, “Actively deciding to wait was not about me finding my guy. It was about the fact that some of the relationships I had been in were destructive to who I was as a human being, and to who I wanted to be in God.”

There’s great power in cooling down, stepping back, looking at things with a clear

head, and most important, breaking the cycle of repeated mistakes.

You gain the perspective to make preparations that will lead to the outcomes you want, and you gain control during periods of life that might seem uncontrollable.

5. The Wait…Pulls the Right People to You

Achieving joy and fulfillment means surrounding yourself with like-minded people. Ultimately, having such people in your life becomes very important to help you reach your goals.

A key benefit of The Wait is that it attracts those people—people who share your ability to find pleasure in patience.

Our marriage is proof that God can and will bring likeminded people together. We both chose to opt out of the pursuit of dating traps that had failed us in the past in favor of the pursuit of wholeness, and when it was time and we were ready, God brought us together.

Now that you know how The Wait can significantly improve areas of your life, it’s time to take action! In the comments below, let me know which area of your life you want to see change in TODAY!


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