DeVon Franklin on The Real – Why Are You Still Single?

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No other time of the year reminds you just how single you are than the holidays.

Why? Because every aunt, uncle, and distant cousin want to know one thing—Why are you still single?

Before you toss the salad at your nosey niece, take this approach instead: Tell them that you are still single because you’re whole.  Say, “I’m all good by myself.” And believe it!

Marriage is not two halves; it’s two “wholes.”

Too often people assume that because you’re single, something is wrong with you. Perhaps, you’re single because everything is right with you. You’re just not right for everybody.

So, stay single until the right person shows up.

Regardless of what your Aunt Lucy is pressuring you to do ☺

Now that you have new insight on how to deal with those inquiring minds regarding your relationship status, tell me how you’ve dealt with this question in the past. And let me know how you’re going to change that TODAY!


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