How to Stop Obsessing Over Results

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It’s easy to focus all your attention on the vegetables you’re going to reap in the autumn.

But if you do that, then you’ll neglect the planting, watering, fertilizing, and weeding—the maintenance—that makes the harvest possible.

We love results, but we HATE waiting for them.

Obsessing over results instead of fully committing to the process will hurt your career as well as other aspects of your life.

Instead of focusing ONLY on the end goal, here is what you should do instead:

1. Put in the Time

When you set about transforming your body in the gym, and you work out for a month, you’re not going to see results. If you work out for six months, you’ll see some results; but you won’t see the fullness of those results. It might take a year or more to manifest the results you have in your mind today.

In life, we often quit too early.

We put in minimum effort and expect maximum return. Receiving the best life and career don’t work like that.

You must put in the time!

Nothing just magically arrives or at least nothing that is truly special.  So, instead of obsessing over the six-pack or corner office, put in the time required to obtain them. And when you get it, you’ll know you’ve earned it.

2. Study 

Study to show yourself approved.

No matter how much I prayed and “obsessed” over my career, that could not produce the results I wanted to see in my career.  Becoming a successful executive came with intense study of the industry and lots of experience.

From there, I was able to move on to other passions such as author, TV personality, and producer. None of these things would have happened if I hadn’t taken the time to study my industry, learn trends, learn how to develop scripts, figure out how to navigate personalities, learn what makes a project commercially viable and so on.

In order to be successful, engage in intense, consistent study of the field in which you want to excel. Read. Assist more experienced people. Watch skilled professionals at work and take note of everything they do. If you don’t understand why they did something, ask.

This is what you should obsess over instead. How you study your industry will either support or betray what you say you’re passionate about.

3. Be Relentless

To be who you’re called to be and do what you’re called to do will take everything within you: your energy, your spirit, your body, your mind, and your emotion.

You have to push, and push, and push, and push some more.

Pushing strengthens you and unlocks the power within you—and let’s face it, you need that power because the world is tough and it pushes back.

The world does not give up what we want easily. This journey to fulfillment is not for the faint of heart. There will be roadblocks in your way, and when you clear one, there will be another, and another.

You have to be relentless. And keep doing the right thing day after day without worrying too much about the reward. Because the stronger, more determined, more focused, smarter person you’re becoming is a reward in and of itself.

If you don’t learn to fully commit to the process required for success, you will never achieve all the results the process can yield. If you pray and do half the work, you’re never going to achieve the fullness of your purpose.

You must put in the time, study whatever it is you’re seeking, and be relentless. And you will not only see the results you want, but you will be prepared for what you’ve prayed for.

Now that you have tips on what to focus on, it’s time to take action! In the comments below, let me know how has obsessing over results while ignoring the process hurt your career or other aspects of your life. And then let me know what changes you are making TODAY to embrace the process!


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