Liberate your GIFT!

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Have you put the gifts that God has given you in a prison? Are they locked up and hidden away? There is no excuse for not using the gift that God has placed in you! I want to share with you a sermon that I recently gave at Oasis Church in LA. This sermon isn’t to make you feel good – it’s meant to CHALLENGE you!

In the comments below, share with me the gift that God has placed in you. How are you using it? I’d love to hear and know how I can pray for you. 


55 thoughts on “Liberate your GIFT!”

  1. Hi DeVon! I wanted to share the gift/project that God has placed on my heart, and I hope you can pray for me. Also if you have any words of guidance I would really appreciate that. I am 23 and graduated undergrad at FAU in August, majoring in Communications. I knew I wanted to move to NYC and experience a new chapter after graduating. I was nervous that it wouldn’t work out with moving expenses and all, but God worked his magic, and I was settling into my new place in Brooklyn by the end of August! I also had this project set on my heart that I felt God was telling me to pursue, even though I sort of had no idea what I was doing. It was all an idea in my mind and heart that I should interview inspirational voices that work to overcome challenges and help better our lives each and every day. I wanted to bring light to these heroes and also provide a way for people to help make a difference. So I began sending out emails explaining my vision to nonprofit founders. To a bit of my surprise I had received some “yes”es! I was excited but also unsure because I have never really interviewed anyone or been filmed. I took an entertainment hosting class last March in LA and that was it! So I began reading books and looking at notes from that weekend class. I’ve filmed 3 interviews so far and each time I feel as if I am developing new skills and learning, and I also have the BEST time getting to know these amazing individuals! I’ve even been able to volunteer and become friends with them. I’ve been praying for God to guide me on where I should go career wise. I am in love with NYC and don’t want to leave. But I am also part time nannying and spending money on this project. On the other hand I am wondering if I should move back to South FL when my lease ends and compete a few prerequisites to apply for a speech pathology program. I used to work with special needs children, and this is something I know would help me be financially stable and allow me to also help my family. I also love children and have a passion for helping. I keep praying for God to give me more signs and guidance on where I should be. I attached my first interview, feel free to check it out! Also I appreciate your prayers! Take care DeVon!

    1. I think you should go where your heart is leading you, don’t worry about “how” things are going to happen, because that’s up to God and as you’ve already seen they do end up working out. If being in NYC is what you feel is where you belong then I think you should try to stay. Even if it means changing up your living conditions. If there is one thing I’ve learned, things always have a weird way of working themselves out. I think God has already guided you where to go career wise … all I’m going to say is that if you go back to FL to do speech pathology, you might always live with the “what if” years from now… Maybe God is testing you … are you going to follow your heart or are you going to take the “easy” way … Most people who followed their heart always faced some kind of difficulty, some trial or tribulation as a test to see how bad they want it. The speech pathology job will always be there, but this opportunity in New York may only come around once. Goodluck!

      1. Thank you for your words and guidance Kyla! I definitely agree with you. It definitely feels like God is testing me. I will trust God’s plan and try to follow where I feel he wants me to be.

        1. Hey Marlene This Is Awesome I Believe God Has Placed You In Positioning For Where You’re Supposed To Be. Follow Your Heary Always Sis & Pray To God For His Guidance I Believe You’ll Do Awesome! Also I Am Interested In The Same Exact Thing Maybe I Can Recieve More Insight On The Industry Marlene If You’d Please Email Me At [email protected] and we can talk some things over ??

  2. Hi Pastor DeVon hope all is well. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet you, but I’d like to make a Kingdom Connection.

    I’m Quinton Cummings a senior in college at The University of West Georgia. I’ll be launching a traveling ministry this month – powered to Impact Lives and Empower Change. God has placed a mandate on me to spread Gods word throughout this nation.

    It’ll be an honor to connect with you for counsel, and insight on making ministry a success .

  3. Good Evening Pastor DeVon! I hope this finds you in the best of health and spirits. Well to sum things up. I am a 40 yrs young (lol) and recently divorced. I know…? But I have been through so much in my life and I have yet to find what my purpose in life is. I really don’t know my worth (sad to say) I pray everyday multiple times throughout the days. I don’t know how to hear god. I ask for guidance, strength, knowledge for me finding my purpose. Please pray for me. Thanks for reading this.

    1. Hi Phumudzo all of the above mentioned are free gifts of the Holy Spirit, Jesus said ‘blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled…’ he also said ‘ask and it shall be given to you!’ I am challenging you to ask our Father in heaven and He will give you the best. Ndo vhona uri ni muvenda, I am based in South Africa Johannesburg let me know if you would like to connect and share some more. 0794565777

  4. Good Evening Pastor DeVon,

    For years I have tried to use my gifts that I never knew I had that God has given me to use. Just recently about 2 weeks ago, I used my gift of being a witness to changing someone’s life by speaking at a Substance Abuse Program that is by my house. I plan on going back there next month to speak again and to hopeful be able to change someone’s life by sharing my experiences, strength and hope. Please pray that I stop putting my gifts in a prison and to start using them.

  5. Hi DeVon,
    My name is Moriah Ross and I’m 20 years old. I have a gift of vision and writing. I see full stories/ films in my head played out perfectly like montages. They look like the intros to a marvel movie in my head (how they flip through the comic books in the beginning you know) I know that this is a gift from God, and I know I’m supposed to minister in this way, and maybe a few others. If you come across this, I’d like you to pray for me along with the others. That I would stop being so fearful of my own mind, and the amazing things he’s put inside me because I’m afraid of judgement and ridicule. I’ve been battling with it for a little while. And I want to free my gift. Thank you! God bless you for this word.

    1. That is truly an amazing gift as I can write a whole paper in my head without picking up a pen. I say write it down and get out of your head whether it’s good or not. I was told to just (throw up on paper) just to get it all out. There are others who have the gift of organization.

      I say do it!

  6. Hey! You’ve been so randomly inspirational for me via “the wait” and now through your Instagram. Many times I’ve heard God speak right to me through the things you post. So I wanna share my dream cuz I feel so connected to y’all through this journey I’ve been on lately! I’ve been doing missions, traveling to Africa and being able to share the gospel and I loved it and am passionate about “to the ends of the earth” but in the last few years I’ve felt creativitly unfulfilled and have not liked to rely on my church for financial support to GO. As I’ve been seeking God I feel called to start a flower farm where I can blessed and encourage others with the flowers and also use it for a business to pay off my loans (which is my scary mountain at the moment) and use it to support myself to go where God takes me around the world to preach the gospel and help free chikdren in sex trafficking. Pray for me for clarity on how to partner with what God doing in this season, I don’t want to go ahead of him, but I really don’t want to be held back from anything he has for me. I’m nannying right now and getting ready to start this flower farm this spring! But I’m having a hard to juggling financial pressures and pursuing the dreams I feel God out in me and knowing how much to invest into it- money and time. Thanks so much!! Love you guys.

  7. Hi Minister DeVon.

    Your sermon was strategically designed for me to hear in this period of my life. Thank you and God bless you for availing yourself to be used by him.

    I am a creative writer, poet, blogger, spoken word minister and a budding author. My divine dream is to be the best script writer in Hollywood, to the glory of God. The truth is sometimes, I get scared when I think of how I will be able to come to the full realization of my potentials and how things will work out. Another truth… I do not know how things will work out!

    I have previously allowed fear and regret to subdue me in the sense that I have looked back at my past and how I would have gone far if I had noticed my gifting then.

    Please pray for me because I am presently writing short stories, poems and pushing myself to be able to push out ALL that God has put in me. As my mentor would say, “I am putting pressure on pressure”.

    Thank you, God bless you and I hope to hear from you whenever you have the time to read this message.

  8. Hello Mr. Franklin,

    My name is LaRon Kelly. I want to comment on your post. Well I was called by GOD in 2011. But I have been running scared of my calling since then. Last year I was laid off from my job, as a paralegal. Which I had been employed for over 14 years. The day was laid off, I heard God speak to me and clearly said to me. “It’s time for me to get you to your destiny”. That was on December 31, 2015. I have been on multiple interviews and filled out 1000’s of applications for different jobs. But I have not gotten a job yet. So then I prayed and asked GOD, why was I laid off in such manner and after working for so many years? And he again answered me and said, “I had to do it this way. Because if I would have told you to resign on your own. You never would have done what I commanded you to do”. But then he gave me instructions to start learning to play a Bass guitar. But I was like GOD, I have never had the desire to want to. So why would you tell me that? Which I have still not done yet. Then just the other day, I was watching a sermon of Joel Osteen and while I was watching it. GOD showed me a vision of me being the owner of a major record label. Which I had envisioned years ago when I was only in middle school.

    So now I am trying to figure out if this is part of God’s plan for me? And if so, how am I going to complete this assignment, with no financial means to begin this project and no knowledge of becoming an entrepreneur? It all kinda blew my mind and scared me at the same time. Because I have never dreamed or imagined something like this for myself.

    So DeVon, if you can? Please can you pray for me and asked GOD, if this is what he has called me to do and to make his purpose for my life revealed to me.

    GOD bless,

    LaRon Kelly

  9. Brother DeVon wow! I can’t express enough of how much this word was right on time. Blessings be unto you. Hope to me you soon. Thank you with a sincere heart. See you this summer when I move to LA…lol? Seriously thanks brother.

  10. Hello DeVon, I have only recently started to listen to your messages and it has been of tremendous blessing to me. I have the gift of helping people, I try to fight it because it seems like the people I help are moving way ahead of me and I am stagnant.
    I also have the gift of leadership but lately I have not being putting it to use as I have been afraid of what people will say or do. Lately I have been regretting not pursuing my dream as a filmmaker but God has been helping me get back on track in this regard.
    It would be a pleasure if you would be my mentor. I know you are a really busy person but I am willing to be your mentee just like Paul and Timothy.

  11. I know for sure I have a gift . I have several gifts . I am aware because God revealed this to me several times . I need God to help me with decision making. I have a very hard time with dealing with that on a daily basis . I ask Jesus to release the Gift .

  12. Hi Pastor DeVon,

    God has used to speak to me on multiple occasions, through sermons, social media and the wait. I just want to say thank you for your obedience and boldness to and for God.

    In terms of gifts, God has given me the gift of empathy with people. Sometimes I’ll meet someone and the holy spirit will tell me if they are upset or about something that may be going on with them. Granted he won’t tell me the circumstance but it is almost as if I can feel what they’re feeling. I use to call it my intuition but now I know that it is a gift. God has also started calling me to speak with this gift. Normally I pray for whoever he brought to my attention but now I’ve been feeling like he wants me to encourage those people and show love towards them. So I pray that when God reveals something to me, he’ll tell me what to say and give me the boldness to say it. I’m praying for transformation.

    Awhile ago, you posted a picture on instagram about walking on the water (I hope this doesn’t sound creepy, I’m a fan of you and Meagan) and since then multiple people have been telling me to step out of the boat and walk on the water! I’m not quite sure what that means yet but I pray that God shows me where I can walk on the water in my purpose.

    Thank you for your walk in ministry and sharing your story! I’m currently reading Produced by Faith and it is such a blessing!

    Have a wonderful day,


  13. Dear Pastor DeVon Franklin,
    My name is Tanya South. I’m a wife, mom of four children and I teach 7-8 year olds the word of God on Sundays at my church. I believe God has placed a gift of writing in my heart years ago. I recently wrote a memoir on my “little” story of faith revolving around the illness of our 4 year old daughter at the time. I mailed a copy of my book, “Unfractured Faith,” to you but to my dismay, it was mailed back due to incorrect address. I believe the Lord is going to use me to help others. May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry. Thank you for bringing great glory to the Lord’s kingdom! Praise Jesus!
    Warm regards, Tanya South

  14. Hello Pastor Franklin, everything you’ve said in this sermon my homegirl and I have spoken of many of times. Feels good to have confirmation once again. I am still learning and growing in my faith after being away from it for so long. I’m sipping on milk and am being given meat as well and it is such a wonderful feeling. Never would I have thought in my 35 years that this whole time I’ve been living and doing wrong when all along I’ve never had to. I’m glad to have killed my old self off so my new self can flourish and I am able to receive my blessings and continue to grow in my faith and seek him continuously

  15. Dear Pastor Franklin,

    I recently lost my father, my job, my relationship and was diagnosed with a treatable but serious health condition. Im not going to lie, this combination of life experiences broke me but what I have learned is that God breaks you to bring you closer to him and God as the vine dresser is pruning me for my purpose. Consequently, I am now more on fire for my purpose then ever. I have known what it is for a few years but have been lazy and distracted. I can no longer be that way. God is calling me to act and I must obey. Your sermon was one of many confirmations that I have received. I can no longer ignore his calling on my life. I have been called to write a book based on my life story. When I was only a teenager, I was inviolved in a high profile one car accident (which at one point was supposed to be made into a movie) where we did not have on seat belts, the car went airborne, hit a concrete wall and caught fire. The driver was paralyzed but I walked away. Shortly after the accident, I found out that I was pregnant by my boyfriend who had turned abusive (I was going to leave him) and that my unborn child could have birth defects from the accident. Consequently, I went to a clinic to have an abortion but I changed my mind on the table. My son and I are both fine. My boyfriend and I broke up leaving me to raise my son on my own. I want this book to help some other young girl, to help someone who feels like they made one too many mistakes. There’s is so much more that I could say about my story but the bottom line is God worked all things out for my good. My other calling is to start a Christian clothing line. Both are already in the works. So please pray for me that God opens doors, gives me favor with the right people and gives me the resources that I need. Thanks for your prayers and words of wisdom and encouragement.

  16. Dear Mr. Franklin,

    Wow! I mean wow! What an uplifting, inspirational, pure, exciting, passionate, and encouraging sermon! Thank you and bless you for that :)

    My name is Lulu and I am a Swedish singer and songwriter. I’ve lived in New York for the past 9 years but had to temporarily move back to Sweden. I left everything back in New York and am working on moving back! During this hard transition I am trying my best to continue pursuing my singing career together with finding guidance and stability in my life. I want to become a better person, love myself even more so that I can be even more compassionate and kind to people around me. I want to be fearless! I need a push in the right direction when it comes to my singing career, songwriting career, and need to attract good-hearted and talented people around me that will help me and push me forward!

    I am working towards all my many dreams and aspirations by consistantly perfecting my craft and I ask you to pray for me, in Jesus name, Amen!

    Thank you for this!

  17. Hey DeVon i want to share with this. I really want to start my own business and I can’t stop thinking about it, I believe that I have to the gift of entrepreneurship. I’m doing a job I don’t like, I barley have any money but I’m staying positive and grateful about it. Pray for me that in 2017 will be the year I will bring it into manifestation the gifts that God has placed in me. Thanks God bless you and Meagan

  18. Thank you for such a wonderful, inspirational sermon. I would like to liberate my gift. I’ve been writing since the age of 10. And I know that writing is my gift. God gave it to me but I’ve been at a standstill for the last 7 years. I studied English in college and graduated in 2010 with a BA in Writing. I’d always wanted to go to law school because I care about advocacy. In 2013, I enrolled in law school and graduated last year. But throughout this time, I was still excelling in writing. Praised for my ability to make people FEEL. But I have not been able to find meaningful work. I enjoy helping others write and teaching them how convey their thoughts. But in spite of my proven ability to write, it seems like no employers value my gift. I’ve become so frustrated with my work experience and feeling undervalued that I’ve told God that I refuse to take another job that doesn’t use my gift. I’m now terrified and frustrated. And I’m tired because I don’t understand why employers can’t fathom why I want to be useful. Because that’s all I want. I want to make a meaningful contribution and no one is willing to give me an opportunity.

  19. God has given me the gift of playing music. I have been using it in my church setting but if feel that I can do more with it . I want to become more of a servant for God. I want to help spread His message to everyone who will hear it. I need prayer in the regard . Thank you

  20. Much like yourself I believe God wants me to exist in the world of entertainment and inspiration. I’ve worked in local news for 4 years but have recently been accepted to USC Marshall business school where I plan to focus in entertainment. One day I hope to own my own production company. I ask for prayers on making the transition to LA, securing funds to pay for school, passing my rigorous classes, and encountering who God intends for me to meet and encourage along the way! God bless!

  21. DeVon-

    Every word you spoke in this message was for me!!!!!! It was everything God wanted and needed for me to hear!!!!! I needed to stop being lazy and do the things God called me to be which is great in His name! Thank you for being so unapologetically God-filled!!!! People need to hear and listen to people like you. And I’m glad you are alive and have went through the things you went through, so that they can be an open testimony to us!!! God Bless you and your family and I will forever be a fan of your ministry!!! Praise God!!!!!

  22. Hello Mr Franklin,

    Thank you for sharing your video. I am convinced of the great things God is doing in 2017. I am glad that he opened my eyes that it’s really time to use my gift. My gift is to sing. I don’t really know how He exactly is going to use me but I definitely know he answered to my prayers. I wanted to sing on a ‘professional’ level wherever, so I got a job that’s about to start in march as a production show Vocalist. I am very excited about it and whenever anyone ask what my next move is, I tell them about it. However I will be hired as a freelancer, the registration (to start as a freelancer) could be done yet. I am trying to get this done for a while but the city hall rejected my request. Long story short; because I’ve been working/traveling on ships and abroad, I am not registered in my Home country (The Netherlands). And because I am not going to be in the netherlands, they wouldn’t alow to register for mail only at any address. At the moment I don’t know which steps I should take to be able to do what I am passionate about and how to fulfill my purpose.
    I know God will not leave me like this, but I can’t see clearly what I supposed to do. I know I shouldn’t worry about it, but it’s hard not to.

    Could you please take my situation in your prayers? Thank you so much in advance. And thank you for all the motivational posts on instagram!!!

  23. Gabriela Kyeremateng

    Hello Pst Franklin. My name is Gabriela Kyeremateng.
    I am a Gospel singer from Germany.I am very inspired by how God is using you to uplift and motivate people like me.
    Last year,I won a music competition where i was the only one singing Gospel music in order to proclaim Christ.And that’s what I wanna do for the rest of my life: Winning souls for Christ through my music.Since I believe you are called by God ,I plead with you to support me with prayers for my vision to be fulfilled,Amen.may the GOOD God bless you and continue to enhance your anointing,Amen.

  24. My gift is fitness/nutrition motivation. I have created a FB page where I motivate people spiritual and I encourage them to get healthy. Since creating this page, God has awakened something in me and now I want to become a Life Coach. I’m a 38 year old Mother of 3. My son is a 19 year old private in the US Army. My oldest daughter is 17 and will be graduating from High School in 3 months. My youngest daughter is 15 and a freshman in High School. I’ve lived my life for the past 19 years as a dedicated mother and know God is opening some doors for me to pursue my purpose outside of raising kids.

  25. Hello Pastor DeVon!

    My name is Senia and I am a 19 year old Fashion Designer. I feel like God is placing me in this career to be a light in the Fashion Industry. The only thing is, it’s only my mom and I have that handles the entire operation.

    Another thing is, I am a Youth Leader at my church and it’s a bit difficult to minister and teach the youth with their parents spectating and questioning my age. Can you please pray for me that God opens doors for some help and guidance through this journey.??

  26. I feel that my gift is to become a doctor a general doctor to then go to my family’s country of haiti to help the health of my family and others who live there. Although I was born in the united States, specifically Florida (shoutout to Miami) I feel as though God wants me to bring back a piece of the blessing he has given me in being raised in the united States. So, bro.Franklin, I ask that you and sis.Megan would pray that God would lead and guide my pursuits in which career path is best suited for me and then what to do with that gift/career he has given me. I also feel that any person I meet it doesn’t take long for them to feel open with me and just talk to me about literally anything. That makes me feel that I am trustworthy a confidant for many! So pray that God would lead me to the best suitable career path for me!! Thank you bro.franklin! May God continue to bless and keep you and sis.Megan! :) thank you both for your examples and testimonies! You both are truly an inspiration to not only me but to MANY!! much love!

  27. I feel that my gift is to become a doctor a general doctor to then go to my family’s country of haiti to help the health of my family and others who live there. Although I was born in the united States, specifically Florida (shoutout to Miami) I feel as though God wants me to bring back a piece of the blessing he has given me in being raised in the united States. So, bro.Franklin, I ask that you and sis.Megan would pray that God would lead and guide my pursuits in which career path is best suited for me and then what to do with that gift/career he has given me. I also feel that any person I meet it doesn’t take long for them to feel open with me and just talk to me about literally anything. That makes me feel that I am trustworthy a confidant for many! So pray that God would lead me to the best suitable career path for me!! Thank you bro.franklin! May God continue to bless and keep you and sis.Megan! :) thank you both for your examples and testimonies! You both are truly an inspiration to not only me but to MANY!! much love!

  28. Hi Pastor Franklin,

    This sermon couldn’t have came at a better time. I feel like it was exactly what I needed to hear!

    God has blessed me with multiple gifts and allowed me to start a business in music production/publishing, as well as marketing. I’ve received rewards here and there from them but not enough to take my likelihood to the next level. Truthfully, I believe its because of my laziness and inconsistency that has me here. Please pray, touch and agree with me that God help me to go harder in my daily task and really get out of my comfort zone and out of my own way. Also, Im waiting for his direction on where to relocate this year. I believe that this year will not end the way it started, but 20x’s better!

  29. Pastor DeVon, the sermon was magnificent! Great inspiration to my soul! My gift is nuturing youth( motivational & caring for baby’s). Praying to open up a early learning center. I have the gift and I’m praying to use it to be a motivational speaker for the youth and teens/ teen parents.

  30. Went from a great paying job, to resigning. Everyday walking into work, knowing this is not your calling, is something I couldn’t do another day. Established my Audio Post Production company Sound In The City out of San Diego, CA. I’ve only been working for myself for about 6 days, and the change in my soul is an energy that people can feel. Everyone keeps saying, Your light is shining. I always say, “Put the work in, TRUST GOD for the rest!” – Anthony Olivares

  31. Ogbonna Peter Valentine Chinonso Emmanuel

    Goodday sir, My name is Valentine and my gift to the world is Love, am grateful for your inspirations through your instagram posts. Mine is @trappedtino . God bless you sir

  32. Hi Pastor DeVon,

    This sermon changed my life! My name is Bre Chapman and I am 23 years old! God has blessed me with the gift of music, prophecy, and encouragement. I currently serve at a church as a worship leader. While serving in the local church is my heart, I feel a immense call to restore integrity back to the Gospel Music Industry….well the Music Industry as a whole! I desire to be a voice of God on all platforms Christian or Secular. I feel called to be the one who will not compromise my beliefs and standards. I desire to be one who will start her award acceptance speech giving the Glory to God and uplifting the name of Jesus Christ so everyone will be sure of the God I serve. I sincerely don’t mean that with the motive to seek fame/fortune but to express that I believe God needs Kingdom Ambassadors in those places as well. Having a passion to win souls and spread the gospel of GRACE to a world that rejected Christ can be a scary thing. I’ve allowed fear, doubt, and laziness to hide my gift. Nevertheless, I refuse to be disobedient to the call on my life any longer. God has tremendously blessed me with the ability to (finally) record my first project. God used someone to bless me with a donation!! Randomly!!! That’s a sure sign that I have no excuses! I’m excited to release a heavenly sound into the atmosphere. Please pray that this journey will inspire others in their walks with God to live life limitlessly and to operate in the call God has giving them. I’m excited to one day share my testimony with you and Megan in person!


  33. Thank you so much for this message! It really touched my soul. I’m trying to get moving again in my career as a professional communicator after a devastating layoff from a PR firm and my husband’s mental breakdown. The Lord gave me the energy and guidance to support his healing and help my husband get back on track to a point of where he’s thriving. But I’m still struggling. I feel a change coming, but fatigue and fear of failing again have been holding me back. I’m praying for a breakthrough.

  34. Hello, DeVon.

    My name is Stephen Edwards, I am an actor/screenwriter from Ct. I am also an author as well. I use my talents and gifts to inspire and help people through writing and doing videos on my social media outlet. I have written my first faith-based film and would like to grow in that area of work. Please keep me in prayer.

  35. Pastor DeVon,
    Thank you so much for allowing God to use you the way He does. I have the gift of music ministry. I’ve been singing, playing the piano, and writing songs in church since I was 8 years old. There has always been a heavy anointing on my life. I was severely bullied and over time I have been extremely discouraged and have dimmed my gift down to make others feel more comfortable and to be accepted. I am now a full time music teacher, but the Lord continues to put opportunities in my way to minister through the gift He has given me. He’s even blessed me with the opportunity to release my EP recently, which has been doing well. As a result of the trauma, I suffer from depression and anxiety. I’ve also noticed that I’ve adapted a realist mindset which has blocked me from being as positive as I used to be. I’ve completely lost myself and am completely heart broken. Realizing how unhappy I am doing anything else, I plan to leave me job after this school year and follow in faith my career into full time music ministry. I also want to be a public speaker and open up my own Christian Arts School, specifically for teens by using my testimony to encourage others to walk in the life of using their gift. Please pray that the Lord gives me true victory over my newly adapted mindset that is not of God and restores in me the person He created me to be. Thank you so much!

  36. God has brought your teachings, your testimonies in to my ear/life this year. It began with overhearing your testimony regarding “The Wait” –I wait, lol, I don’t have an issue with waiting, but on hearing, seeing you relay your story was intriguing. It led me to explore your ministry more. I believe God is speaking through your teachings, they match what my ministers share and profess; and the words/teachings have come alive in me in my walk. You are a 3rd confirmation on subjects I’ve studied this year and of what has been shared by other great leaders in my personal ministry and walk with God. I am grateful for your servanthood and leadership and pray God’s continual coverage over you, your Rod and Staff. Look forward to visiting your church in L.A. In Jesus name…

  37. Hi Mr. Franklin,

    I’m always so inspired by your interviews. I have several gifts the Lord wants me to use – the main one is writing for the gospel. After praying for a couple years I finally got into the position to work for a Christian company (Cru) and have my articles published. I was recently connected with a short film company to volunteer and I can’t wait to see where that takes me. I also recently started my blog and the Lord has just given me so much strength to overcome fear to finally do so. Thanks for the good message.

  38. My name is Andrea Green. I believe in God but you are talking about gifts that God has given us but I don’t think i was given any. It just seems like bad things always happen to me

  39. My gift is to be Precious and to show the world the Humble Christian Precious divine love that I have for him. How am I using it? By being me and thank you for all your sermons. They are so motivating and inspiring and give me so much fuel and energy to strive to always impress him with natural acts of kindness of love. Thank You

  40. Thank you So much for this sermon it fed directly to my spirit. I feel stuck in many ways and its seems like every door has seemingly closed. I am trusting God to do magically things. I feel my gifts are to motivate young women. You see I was a teen mother with no true direction and I survived and overstepped all of the fiery arrows that I could have be struck by if not by the grace of God. It has been Pulling within me to write. I have a deep desire to write children’s books as well as my own story that I feel will deeply help of women that have a story close to my own. I have Several Ideas dancing in my mind about the many books Id like to write. Raging from helping children to inspiring women. What stood out to me the most in your sermon was the part about being afraid of my Own greatness. This sounds Extremely weird but I am Terrified of stepping out on faith because I feel with all my heart that I will succeed. I am from a family where no one ha had the courage to believe in the own greatness and to even have an idea of such would seem crazy. I humbly ask that when you are sending up prayers to include me. I seek guidance and understanding on this journey to conquering and inspiring others. Thank you for devotion to spread Gods word.

  41. Hi DeVon,

    I have a gift of multiple talents in knowledge. I have had the experience of being able to experience real estate, skincare and legal knowledge. Right now I’m in transition ( homeless) and currently studying for my real estate exam. I am a single mom, with a son with Crohn’s disease. I have been in California for over 5 years, it’s been a struggle. I have so many people hating on me, but I can care less. I watched my son have mental break down, because he can’t help out. Pray for us for a new home, and for me to expand on my gifts so I can help people.



  42. Hello,

    Is it possible to be married to someone that can take you away from your destiny?

    I’ve been married for 4 years and throughout, when God tells me yes, my husband says no. I’ve had to push through many things on my own that have been of great benefit to my family.

    My children and I are moving in one direction and my spouse has not grown. I have acted as the provider, priest, and protector of my household.

  43. Hi Pastor DeVon,
    First I’d like to say thank you for letting the Lord use you to speak to me! I literally have sat on my God Dream for 10 years and He has now slammed ever door closed until I complete my assignment. I’m right now today putting together a kickstarter to help fund my God Dream of writing a book. In this book I will raise awareness on life after Hysterectomy, Depression, Mental strains, life after trama, forgiving someone who never apologized or asked for forgiveness, and how I personally worked my way through all of it! There are more books to come but this one will be my break out book! This book will open doors to speaking engagements and helping me to empower people and encourage them to get Help if needed, let people You that there is purpose in your pain, to trust the birthing process because He has a plan! I will use all these avenues to start a business which empower youth and single parents to push past their circumstances and be financially, physically, and emotionally complete!! I will open a Home that will be like a weekend retreat alternating months and weekends for boys and girls where we will bring speaker from different professions, teach financial literacy, stress the importance of managing money credit and finance, and equipping them with the skills necessary to be successful in Life, College, domestic situations, and relationships while Building their Relationships with Christ As he is the center to everything!!
    Please pray and believe by faith with me that these things be done, are successful, and that I reach the lives assigned to me!

    I’d appreciate any help in promoting my kickstarter and making sure it is a success and fully funded!

    Thank you and God Bless!!

  44. Hi DeVon,

    The gift He offered to me is being confident enough to speak even in front of many people.

    Even though I am not yet sure about how I am gonna use it, I am currently attending Public Speaking classes to keep improving myself at it.

    And even though I haven’t found my purpose yet, He gives me clues and put people on my way to help me find it.

    Funny how I discovered you by watching Oprah’s video on Youtube and recognizing your wife. Then I started watching you on Youtube. Then I discovered Touré Roberts and his wife thanks to you, and so on.

    And now, thanks to all of you, I have found my way back to God. And it feels so good!

    Thank you so much :)

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