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Prayer is communication. Prayer is connection. The more you pray, the more you become aligned with God and have a better relationship with Him.

The Bible assures us that God will give you your heart’s desire if you ask in the name of Jesus. God does not hold it against us that we ask Him for things. But if we only relegate our prayer life to asking for things, we will never understand everything that prayer can do.

Prayer is about the relationship, the connection, and the alignment.

But many people don’t know how to pray. 

Here are some tips for practical prayer that will help you be successful in every area of your life:

1. Pray from a place of humility 

You understand that God is all-powerful. You understand that you come to God humble, grateful for life, grateful for the opportunity to communicate, grateful for the opportunity to come before Him. Humility is a big part of praying.

2.Don’t immediately get into, “Lord, this is what I want.”

It’s more about cleansing. Is there excessive ego in you? Is there negativity in you?

Say, “I want to be the best person I can be, so whatever is not aligned with that, Lord, take that away. Show me what needs work. How can I be more effective in serving You?”

3.Praying every day when you get up.

Before you check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email, have you checked in with God?

We tend to be more concerned with our social media connections than we really are with God. We are addicted to our phones and what others are doing as well as other people’s perceptions of us, and we want to make sure we’re staying connected and don’t miss anything. But what if we’re missing what God has for us?

In order to have a successful day, you have to get plugged in with who God wants you to be today.

4.End the day with prayer 

Thanking God for what He did during the day, clearing your mind of what you didn’t get done, and preparing yourself for what’s going to happen tomorrow will produce tremendous change in your life.

5.During the day, pray as needed

If prayer is a conversation, we should be engaging in that conversation throughout the day.

For example, I pray before big meetings—even while I’m in meetings—that God will tell me the right things to say.

I pray before speaking engagements. I pray before television appearances. I incorporate prayer into my entire day, asking God for courage, wisdom, eloquence, or insight.

6.Finally, after you pray, become a beast

Humility ends when you get off your knees. Get out there and go to war to fulfill your purpose and pursue excellence while you do.

Say, “God has great things in mind for me, and He’s put me in this job. Whom do I need to call today? What connections do I need to make? How do I become better at the job I’m doing?”

Go after your goal in a way that is focused and controlled but ambitious and aggressive. Don’t allow yourself to live at a standard that’s less than you’re capable of.

Now that you have tips on how to pray, it’s time to take action! In the comments below, let me know which tip you are going to apply TODAY!


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