How to Express Your God-Given Talent on Any Job

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In Hollywood, “the talent” are the ones that create the content or bring it to life. Without them harnessing their abilities in unique and dynamic ways, there is no Hollywood. They are talent. And whether you realize it or not, so are you.

I believe that God sees each of us as “the talent,” which not only means having a special gift but also having the desire to develop and use it.

Many of you are wondering if you should express your God-given talent at the workplace. And the answer is YES!

Not only should you express it, you should develop and master it.

Too many people, even if they’ve found the courage to take their talent out of its box, still struggle to stay the course and endure until success happens. If you’re frustrated in your work, if you feel like you’re going nowhere, here are some things to try:

1)Become Indispensable

As talent, you might have an ability nobody else possesses, but that doesn’t make you indispensable. Doing things that no one else can is called applied talent, and that will make you impossible to replace or live without. The key is figuring out what can you do to create value in a way nobody else can.

My key to indispensability has been my faith background, which gives me a unique perspective on different types of projects that other filmmakers weren’t making. It gives me insight on different strategies for reaching people of faith. This has helped me stand out among other executives, and now it helps me stand out among other producers because I understand the faith-based audience in a way that they don’t. I can do something they can’t.

Use your talent to discover what you can do in a way others can’t, and you will become indispensable.

2)Recycle the Box That People Try to Put You In

People are often uncomfortable around great talent. It may make them self-conscious that they haven’t found or developed their own talent, they might be afraid of what they don’t understand, they could fear that pursuing one’s true calling as a career means winding up broke and miserable, or maybe a combination of all three. Whatever the reason, I know from my own experiences that people will often try to put your talent into a box—to confine it, limit it, and shape it into something they can make sense of.

Recycling the box means throwing away the box that others try to put you in. It is not your responsibility to make other people comfortable with your talent. If they want to put your talent in a box out of fear or discomfort, that’s their problem, not yours. As people of faith, we do so with integrity and honor, but remember, it’s the people who won’t let their gifts be tamed or discouraged who change the world.

3)Develop a Talent Mentality

When I say that everyone is a talent, I mean that everyone has been gifted by God with a consequential ability—a gift that, when used properly, makes a difference in the world.

God made you the talent so you could be confident in your gift and what you can do. The scope of that gift doesn’t matter; what you do with it does. You must have a talent mentality. It all starts in the mind with your belief in who you were created to be. Let’s say you’re a teacher. If you inspire students to love learning, it doesn’t matter if you impact one student a year or ten thousand. Your belief that you are talent will not only change your life but the lives of everyone else.

Having a talent mentality means that you project confidence based on knowing who you are and what you have to offer. I have seen people with limited experience excel above those with more experience because they possessed this talent mentality, and the more experienced people did not.

Confidence is a fragrance everyone wants to smell. When you feel good about who you are, and you know what you can do and you own it, you position yourself to become unstoppable.

4)Use “Virtual Mentors”

Make a list of the leaders in your field.

Now, in some instances, if you reach out to these leaders, they might respond, and that would be an ideal way to try and attain their mentorship. However, we become frustrated if we can’t reach the people we most admire because their schedules are too busy. But you can still get to that person as a mentor, even if you never meet them.

Study their careers, follow their social media posts, research the projects they are working on—you can learn a tremendous amount about how to navigate your career by studying theirs. I wish I had the time to personally mentor all the people who come to me, but I don’t have the capacity. That’s why I write books and speak—so, even if you never meet me, you still can have a way to find the knowledge you seek.

Make a list of your virtual mentors ASAP, and start immersing yourself in what they are doing.

5)Understand How to Serve Talent and Be Talent at the Same Time

Talent calls the shots in Hollywood. Talent creates opportunities and opens doors. The entertainment industry is divided into two categories: those who are talent and those who service talent. However, this isn’t limited to Hollywood. No matter your field, you must recognize the value of what you do, who you are, and who you really aspire to be. Are you content with servicing talent the rest of your life?

But because you have a talent mentality, you don’t chafe at serving. The only way to learn, achieve mastery, and get opportunities to advance is to do your apprenticeship, learn, and climb up through the organization. So, you most certainly can serve talent and be talent at the same time.

6)Never Forget That Your Talent Comes From God

Remain open in your spirit to His guidance. He will show you new ways to use your gifts, and new areas in which you can apply them.

If you’re listening, He’ll correct you if you let ego take you off course (although the correction might be a little unpleasant). Pay attention for those signs that it’s time to transition, to take your talent in a new direction or to a new organization.

Remember, your talent is on loan from Heaven. Invest it wisely.

Now that you have an understanding of how you can express your God-given talent, it’s time to take action! In the comments below, let me know how you are going to show off what God put in you TODAY!


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